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    Fleas cause discomfort by biting people and animals. Pests that harm human health, such as fleas, can be even more harmful primarily to children and the elderly. Among people with allergies, they can have a fatal effect on people with insect allergies.


    Since fleas do not like eucalyptus oil, they will go away. Curtains and linens, sofa and carpet covers in the house must be washed in very hot water. Dropping a few drops of eucalyptus oil into the detergent dispenser of the machine during washing contributes to getting rid of fleas faster.


    What do fleas dislike? Sunlight: Fleas do not like sunlight. Light and ventilated environments are a nightmare for fleas that breed in dark places and come out at night. Hot water: Hot water is the enemy of fleas. If you are facing the flea problem, wash your clothes, carpets, sheets with hot water.



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